AgeExpMap.jpgEarly Start
The Portuguese started the exploration in the mid 1400’s working their way south to explore the western coast of Asia. King Henry or Henry the Navigator led this expedition. He gathered scientist, cartographer, and other experts to travel with him. In 1488, Bartholomeu Dias rounded the southern tip of Africa which opened up a new sea route to Asia. In 1497 da Gama finally reached the Spice port of Calicut. But the trip home caused many lives to be lost to things such as hunger, thirst, and scurvy.

The Spanish was second to go on the wave of exploration and expansion, but Spain founded their empire based on conquest and colonization unlike Portugal who founded it on trade. Columbus teamed up with Spain and in 1492 signed a contract stating he got 10% of all the richest found on the lands he founded. He gathered up his crew and set out west to try and find a easier route then the Portuguese. They discovered many new lands such as the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico