masbranc.jpg Science
There were so many new scientific discoveries and experiments going on throughout the renaissance such as heliocentric theory, the “hypothesis”, and most importantly the scientific method which is still used in modern time.

Newton discovered a new source called gravity, and chemistry was starting to free itself from medieval alchemists. Also scientists were beginning to make a lot of medical discoveries, such as new medicines.


Religion was another aspect of the renaissance that really changed. Before this time catholic churches were dominant in most of Europe, but after a while a lot of different problems were starting act against the churches influence. People began thinking more on their own with their own thoughts and actions.

There were also men like martin luther who challenged lots of churches calling them out for some of their beliefs and what they were doing to catholics, like making them believe they could buy their way into heaven. Martin strongly expressed that people could only go to heaven with faith and the strength to ask for forgiveness. Also that the pope is a fake, the only thing that is good is the bible