World History 3451


Europe in the 1500's
the Renaissance Was marked by a cultural flowering in European history. The word ‘Renaissance’ means rebirth which refers to the rebirth of learning for humanity starting in the 14th century, and by the 17th century spread all throughout north Europe. There was a enormous interest in the study of classical antiquity.

Still it was said to be more than just “rebirth”. It was also the age of new discoveries, both geographical and intellectual. Both resulted inn changes of major imports for western civilization.

Some people debate exactly what brought the renaissance about, but most people agree it was a period of revival for classical learning and the arts.

Also the European society changed dramatically during the renaissance reforming peoples perspective and attitudes about the government, rights, religion, and wealth. This era was marked by many stating it was the “golden age” because countries began sending ships to all corners of the world to find new land, ideas, and people.